Dollar exchange rate in banks of Ukraine for today

Banks of Ukraine Kiev Lutsk Kharkiv Lviv
Average market rate:
Buying 27.52
Selling 27.76
I want to :
Buying Selling Average
Bank Aval logo usd
27.95 28.32 28.14
IdeaBank logo usd
27.75 28.09 27.92
National Bank logo usd
27.61 27.61 27.61
Bank Lviv logo usd
27.57 27.64 27.61
OTP bank logo usd
27.55 27.75 27.65
Банк Південний logo usd
27.50 27.65 27.58
ПУМБ logo usd
27.50 27.70 27.60
Monobank logo usd
27.50 27.70 27.60
BTA Bank logo usd
27.50 27.75 27.63
Oschad Bank logo usd
27.50 27.78 27.64
Universal Bank logo usd
27.50 27.80 27.65
27.50 27.82 27.66
Alfa-Bank logo usd
27.46 27.64 27.55
Укргазбанк logo usd
27.45 27.65 27.55
KredoBank logo usd
27.45 27.75 27.60
Bisbank logo usd
27.40 27.60 27.50
Privat24 logo usd
27.35 27.70 27.53
PrivatBank logo usd
27.30 27.71 27.51

The dollar exchange rate in Ukrainian banks today

The dollar to hryvnia exchange rate is one of the main indicators of the economic condition of our country, because most goods and services are purchased in dollars, which is why it is so important to have a modern tool that will give you the opportunity to compare the dollar exchange rate in Ukrainian banks online!

The dollar in Ukraine has become the currency in which it is customary to store savings and conduct operations of purchase and sale of real estate or transport. After all, this currency is less susceptible to volatility than the hryvnia and will allow you not to lose money after currency fluctuations.

Here you can find out the average dollar exchange rate in Ukrainian banks as quickly as possible, as well as see the trend of the dollar against the hryvnia on the chart that will make it possible to make the most accurate forecast - Now it is very fast and convenient!

How profitable to buy or sell a dollar?

Naturally, in order not to lose your money you need to find a bank with a favorable dollar exchange rate for today, because if you have a sufficiently large amount, then every penny affects the final transaction amount.

If you want to buy a dollar, then you need to look for the bank with the lowest price in the "Sale" column (selling a dollar is when you buy a dollar and the bank sells it to you accordingly).

If you have dollars, and the money transaction must be made in hryvnia, then first of all it is necessary ... yes to find the most profitable bank in which you can exchange dollars for hryvnias, and our service will help! You need to look for the highest price for one dollar in the “Purchase” column (buying a dollar is when the bank buys a dollar from you and gives the hryvnia).

What to do if you want to sell or buy a dollar as a friend or acquaintance? At what rate then to exchange? It's simple, we have an average dollar exchange rate that you can focus on, while it is beneficial for both parties to the transaction!

How to quickly find the most profitable bank?

In fact, we were worried that you could find the most profitable dollar rate in one click! You just need to click the appropriate button on this page, "Sell dollars" or "Buy dollars". After clicking this button, all banks will be sorted starting from the most profitable offers.

Here you will find all the most popular banks in Ukraine that are in all cities of our country, and you can compare the dollar exchange rate to choose one of the most profitable option for yourself. There is already a dollar exchange rate in PrivatBank for today, and this is the most common bank in Ukraine, the dollar exchange rate in the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) is the central bank of our country which has a special status among all the others. The dollar exchange rate between the banks can also be seen on this page.