Exchange rates in Lviv exchange offices

Banks of Ukraine Kiev Lutsk Kharkiv Lviv

US dollar

  • USD
  • Buying 26.63 -0.003 Selling 26.75 +0.003


  • EUR
  • Buying 31.06 -0.014 Selling 31.24 -0.018

British pound

  • GBP
  • Buying 36.09 +0.01 Selling 36.60 +0.008

Polish zloty

  • PLN
  • Buying 06.70 -0.002 Selling 06.79
Money24 Lviv
Yesterday at 16:15

Money24 Lviv

Buying Selling
USD 26.62 -0.01 26.71 -0.011
EUR 31.10 31.26 -0.001
RUR 00.36 00.36
GBP 36.15 +0.003 36.50 -0.005
CHF 28.55 +0.002 29.05 -0.003
PLN 06.70 06.78 -0.001
Buying Selling
USD 26.63 26.70
EUR 31.10 31.25
RUR 00.36 00.36
PLN 06.71 06.78
retail wholesale
Obmen (Lviv)
Yesterday at 15:15

Obmen (Lviv)

Buying Selling
USD 26.63 +0.001 26.69 +0.001
EUR 31.02 -0.008 31.15 -0.005
RUR 00.36 00.36
GBP 36.00 36.50 -0.001
PLN 06.70 -0.009 06.77 -0.002
Partner №1
Yesterday at 12:01

Partner №1

Buying Selling
USD 26.60 -0.006 26.80
EUR 31.05 -0.031 31.28 -0.047
RUR 00.36 00.37 +0.003
GBP 36.10 +0.025 36.70 +0.025
CHF 28.40 +0.025 29.00 +0.025
PLN 06.70 06.80
Partner №2
Yesterday at 16:46

Partner №2

Buying Selling
USD 26.65 +0.002 26.80 +0.022
EUR 31.05 -0.016 31.28 -0.018
RUR 00.36 00.37 +0.001
GBP 36.10 +0.013 36.70 +0.013
CHF 28.40 +0.012 29.00 +0.012
PLN 06.70 06.80

Exchange rate in Lviv

Kurstoday Lviv is a service that gives you the opportunity to quickly get current exchange rates in Lviv exchange offices today and analyze in detail the situation in the city's foreign exchange market.

In Lviv, one of the most popular exchange currencies is the Polish zloty against the hryvnia, so we provide the latest exchange rate of the zloty in the city's offices and banks.

The chart will give you the opportunity to clearly see the trend of the dollar, euro, zloty and other currencies. You will be able to understand, for example, where the zloty has historically moved against the hryvnia. The chart will also help to monitor the seasonality of currency pair fluctuations, as in some seasons the zloty begins to strengthen, while in others it depreciates against the hryvnia or other currencies.

If you are interested in the economic situation in the foreign exchange market and want to keep your savings under control, then visiting the Kurstoday Lviv page you will find everything you need to quickly and profitably exchange your currency.

Where to look for exchangers in Lviv?

Everyone knows that Lviv is a tourist pearl of Western Ukraine, and therefore the so-called quest game "find an exchanger in Lviv" is gaining more and more popularity among tourists of the city. But we have solved this problem and now our users have access to information about all exchangers in Lviv and their addresses on one page!

In Lviv you will find such exchangers as: Kartel, Money24 and Exchange Lviv, which is part of the KIT Group network. Consider the advantages of each of the exchange offices in Lviv in more detail:

Cartel exchanger (Kartel)

Kartel - provides customers with the most favorable exchange rate and quality service. Individual currency exchange conditions apply to regular customers. Among the services provided by the exchanger are the following: exchange of old and damaged banknotes, as well as the possibility of exchanging foreign coins left after travel.

Branches of Cartel exchangers in Lviv are located at the following addresses:

  • Vyacheslav Chornovil Avenue, 7 (open 24 hours a day);
  • Stefan Yavorsky Street, 1.

It is worth noting that the Cartel exchanger is one of the best exchange offices, which is characterized by a high level of service and individual approach to each client.

Money24 Lviv exchanger

Money24 is an exchanger in Lviv, which has a whole network of branches in Ukraine, and gives the opportunity to take advantage of the most optimal conditions at any time, offering to carry out currency exchange transactions at a favorable rate. Money24 provides services for: money transfer (both in Ukraine and abroad) and fixing the exchange rate online or by phone.

You can find the Money24 exchanger in Lviv at two addresses:

  • Tamanska Street, 3;
  • Vahova Street, 7.

Also, the clients of the exchanger have the opportunity to carry out operations with precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Exchange Lviv (KIT group)

Lviv Exchange (KIT group) is a popular Lviv exchange office that provides a wide range of currency exchange services, accepts worn-out banknotes and provides money transfer services within Ukraine. A significant advantage of this exchanger is the provision of such services as: support of cash transactions, funds transfer and currency exchange.

Residents and guests of the city can find the exchanger Exchange Lviv (KIT Group) at the address: Lviv, st. Panteleimon Kulish, 36.

For our part, we note that KIT Group exchangers are the largest network of currency exchange offices in Ukraine, which operates 24/7 and cares about the safety of its customers by giving them the opportunity to order cash delivery services in a convenient place for you.

We have considered all the popular exchangers in Lviv, but the answer to the key question "which exchanger to choose in Lviv" is up to you.