Exchange rates in Rivne exchange offices

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US dollar

  • USD
  • Buying 27.83 -0.009 Selling 27.97 +0.009


  • EUR
  • Buying 33.62 +0.006 Selling 33.83 +0.005

British pound

  • GBP
  • Buying 38.08 -0.072 Selling 38.90 +0.057

Polish zloty

  • PLN
  • Buying 07.40 -0.002 Selling 07.50 +0.003
Lion Kurs
Yesterday at 21:36

Lion Kurs

Buying Selling
USD 27.90 +0.006 27.95 -0.009
EUR 33.63 +0.001 33.77 -0.015
RUR 00.37 00.37
GBP 38.25 -0.003 38.80
CHF 30.65 +0.003 31.10 +0.003
PLN 07.42 -0.001 07.48 -0.001
Rulya Kurs
Yesterday at 13:11

Rulya Kurs

Buying Selling
USD 27.85 +0.013 28.00
EUR 33.60 +0.013 33.85
RUR 00.37 00.37
GBP 38.20 -0.025 38.70 -0.025
CHF 30.60 +0.025 31.10 +0.025
PLN 07.40 -0.002 07.48 -0.005
Gaidur Cash
Yesterday at 11:01

Gaidur Cash

Buying Selling
USD 27.87 +0.035 27.95 +0.025
EUR 33.65 +0.05 33.80 -0.013
RUR 00.37 00.38
PLN 07.42 +0.013 07.48 -0.005
Obmin Rivne
Yesterday at 15:51

Obmin Rivne

Buying Selling
USD 27.68 -0.088 27.98 +0.021
EUR 33.60 -0.039 33.90 +0.049
RUR 00.35 -0.004 00.38 +0.004
GBP 37.80 -0.188 39.20 +0.197
PLN 07.35 -0.019 07.55 +0.022

Exchange rates in Rivne

Kurstoday Rivne is one of the best services for comparing retail and wholesale exchange rates in exchangers and banks in Rivne. We have collected the most complete information about Rivne exchangers (addresses, phone numbers), as well as reflected them on maps, and all this on one page. If you need to buy or sell currency profitably, then you've come to the right place. Here you can see the current exchange rate, which is updated every 5 minutes.

Currency rates chart - will provide you with the opportunity to view detailed information about the dynamics of the dollar, euro, ruble, zloty, franc, and sterling rates.

Average exchange rate - reflects the average values of exchange rates for all exchangers of the city, allows you to obtain generalized information about the state of the currency market in Rivne.

Where can I find exchangers in Rivne?

Among the popular exchangers in Rivne, we suggest considering in more detail the following:

  • Rulya Bank - a chain of the most popular exchangers in Rivne;
  • Lyon Course - an exchanger that is available in Rivne around the clock;
  • Gaidur Cash - the former name of the Pyramid exchanger;
  • Kit Group is a huge chain of exchangers located throughout Ukraine.

Rulya Bank is one of the most popular and reliable exchangers in the city, which has collected a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners. It has more than 30 exchange offices throughout the city, as well as outside it, for example, some exchangers  are located in the city of Dubno. The main branches of «Rulya Bank» exchangers are located in the most interesting places in the city of Rivne:

  • SC Zlata Plaza - located at Rivne, st. Korolenko, 1;
  • SC Politon - Rivne, st. Kievskaya, 21;
  • SC Premier - Rivne, st. Cathedral, 94;
  • SC Paris - Dubno, st. Cyril and Methodius, 18a;
  • SC Arsen - Rivne, st. Konovalets, 20;
  • SC Chaika - Rivne, st. Gagarin, 16;
  • SC Novus - Rivne, st. Gagarin, 26;
  • SC Victoria - Rivne, st. Chornovil, 10.

So we can conclude that the Rulya Bank exchanger is quite reliable, has many exchange offices (both in the city of Rivne and beyond) and is in great demand among the residents of the city of Rivne.

Lyon Kurs is an exchanger in Rivne, which offers its customers high speed of service, complete confidentiality and always up-to-date exchange rates on the site.

Gaidur Cash is the former name of the «Pyramid»  exchanger. Has a large number of positive reviews on the Internet.

Exchange Rivne (KIT Group) is a reliable chain of exchangers in Rivne and throughout Ukraine. Has a number of advantages over all other exchangers, namely:

  1. the ability to subscribe to alerts when the exchange rate changes;
  2. wholesale currency exchange from 500 $;
  3. fixing the course for 1 hour from the site;
  4. exchange of worn-out currencies;
  5. money transfers within Ukraine;
  6. conversion services, verification of authenticity of banknotes and currency exchange;
  7. round-the-clock work of the exchanger;
  8. special rules of currency exchange and promotional offers that are valid for regular customers of the exchanger.

So, we can conclude that the KIT Group exchanger is a reliable partner and deserves attention. For new customers, they provide many useful services, and for regular customers, unique conditions and offers are valid.